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MGT 405 - International Business Strategy and Integration

This course exposes students to the role of general management and strategic management processes in complex organizations. Cases, conceptual materials, and projects are used to provide students with decision-making opportunities in major areas of managerial concern: environmental opportunities and constraints, formulation of corporate, business, and international strategies, and policy implementation mechanisms. Since MGT 405 is a “capstone” course in the curriculum, knowledge gained in previous business courses, particularly marketing, economics, decision science, and organizational behavior, will be applied to the problems faced by the general managers.

MGT 456 - International Entrepreneurship

Starting and managing a new business is a risky albeit potentially rewarding undertaking. The complexity and challenges (as well as the potential payoffs) facing entrepreneurs and business managers vary across different countries and are even greater when their business ventures are international in scope. This course addresses the issues specific to international venturing including search and identification of opportunities in foreign markets, logistics of international business expansion, cross-cultural business communication, international sourcing, international deal-making and networking.

MGT 748 - Seminar in International Entrepreneurship

This course provides students with an understanding of the complexities faced by entrepreneurs doing business in a global environment and provides knowledge that will help them identify opportunities in international markets. The course is designed for students who may, at some point, be interested in pursuing managerial careers in the international entrepreneurial sector. Since its focus is the development of skills helpful in identifying and pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities in a global setting, students typically get the opportunity to work on projects involving collaboration with international entrepreneurial firms in the context of IBOD program.

BA 703 - Strategic Management

The main objective of this course is to provide the students with an overview of contemporary strategic management theory and practice and introduce them to modern analytical frameworks and techniques used in industry analysis, strategy formulation and implementation. The course highlights the analysis and solutions of managerial problems from the viewpoint of top managers and thus challenges the students to adopt a long-term and multifunctional perspective of organizations and their environment. To achieve this objective, the course is designed as a mixture of lectures, case-analyses, video clips, experiential exercises and in-depth discussions allowing the students to gain a rich insight into the strategic decision making in the increasingly complex competitive landscape. The students will be given opportunities (and encouraged) to apply the key concepts to their own managerial experiences and, through oral and written assignments, enhance their critical thinking and communication skills.

BA 700 - Business in the Global Environment

This course focuses on the challenges and opportunities associated with organizational management and business strategy in the global environment. Its main objective is to increase awareness and understanding of the issues involved in conducting business abroad and to develop skills in understanding international management problems and solutions through research, case analysis and a hands-on consulting project. The course is intended to be a challenging advanced management course wherein students will be challenged to integrate and apply knowledge they have gained from other business core courses including marketing, strategic management, leadership, and entrepreneurship.